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Space and facilities
1. Provision of office space and facilities
2. Provision of shared laboratory equipment, machinery, instruments and public facilities

Business support
1. Provision of operational consulting services
2. Specialist training, including practical, hands-on training
3. Assistance with PR, exhibitions and advertising
4. Provision of financing information and introductions to venture capital firms

Administrative support
1. Provision of shared secretarial and administrative services
2. Assistance with company registration, business registration and factory registration
3. Provision of guidance for business plan preparation
4. Assistance with applications for guidance programs
5. Assistance with the drawing up of contracts and agreements
6. Software and hardware management and maintenance
7. Building security management

Technology and manpower support
1. Provision of high-quality, expert manpower
2. Technology transfer services
3. Arranging collaboration and alliances with technology development institutes
4. Technical manpower support

Information support
1. Arranging the provision of specialist consulting services
2. Provision of information and advice regarding government guidance systems and government policies
3. Assistance with the collection of industry, market and technical information
4. Facilitating collaboration with industrial associations, specialist academic associations, local industry promotion associations and other organizations
5. Promoting the formation of strategic alliances, and encouraging collaboration between start-ups in the areas of marketing, market development, distribution, financing etc.
6. Promoting the development of collaborative relationships with local industry
7. Provision of information relating to science-based industrial parks and industrial districts, including application procedures, to help start-ups establish themselves in a science-based industrial park or industrial district after ¡§graduation¡¨ from the incubation center.
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